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Category getting too big

This category should probably be split into several categories. It has too many different types of articles. It was probably intended to have articles about designing and making roguelikes, and most of the articles in this category are related to that. I don't think that it should have articles like "trousers" or "rat".

I suggest that we keep the roguelike development articles here, but move the unrelated articles to other categories (perhaps Category:Concepts or Category:Gameplay). It would be best to move move the development articles to a new category like Category:Development, but there are over 150 articles that should be there, so unless there is an automated tool to do that, it probably isn't worth the effort. Nathan Stoddard 01:27, 22 March 2009 (CET)

"I don't think that it should have articles like "trousers" or "rat"." Agreed. I'm not sure articles like "trousers" or "rat" should actually be (separate) articles. I was just trying to work down the "uncategorized pages" list as best I could.PaulBlay
I don't see any need to have all pages sorted into "categories" just to have pigeon-holes for them. Rdanhenry 05:16, 22 March 2009 (CET)
But the rat, dog, etc. are part of the List of monsters which has been an 'article' since January (despite looking nothing like an article). There were 283 (IIRC) pages with no category before I started, including many developers and games. Not to mention a number of large screens of text with code examples. Just leaving pages with no category encourages them to be forgotten about instead of improved or deleted as appropriate. PaulBlay

Category still getting too big

Why are subcategories like combat being emptied while the "Articles" category itself is increasing becoming a list of every page on RogueBasin. I think we need more organization here, not less. PaulBlay