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Major Roguelike
Developer Freehold Games
Theme Finnish fantasy
Influences Caves of Qud, ADOM, DotA
Released October 2014
Updated November 2014
Licensing Closed Source, Commercial
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface Keyboard + Mouse, Controller
Game Length Medium
Official site of Sproggiwood

Sproggiwood is a story-driven roguelike set in a humorous world inspired by Finnish mythology. It was developed by Freehold Games, creators of the roguelike Caves of Qud.

Sproggiwood on Steam and Humble Store

On October 24, 2014, Sproggiwood was released on Steam and the Humble Store for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Version 1.0.1 was released on October 31.



You’re a simple farmer from the peaceful island of Clog. One moment, you're tending your grove -- the next, you’re lured through a mysterious portal by a talking sheep. Now you’re the prisoner of Sproggi, a mischievous forest spirit who's built a whole village just for you. You have a simple job: tame the wild creatures that roam the forests of Sproggi's realm...

Watch Sproggi's plans go awry when you discover a rival civilization on the rise to greatness. Will you choose to befriend these curious Mushroom people and stand together, or will you crush them and claim Sproggiwood for your own?


Sproggiwood aims to distill the roguelike genre down to its core fun ingredients: inspired character classes, interesting loot, and procedurally populated dungeons with monsters and traps that combine to produce unique tactical challenges. Several of the monster and trap designs take their inspiration from Caves of Qud. Adventure sessions are short and compact. Each dungeon dive follows the heroic rise of one adventurer from your civilization -- as you explore a dungeon, you customize your class powers by choosing level ups. As you advance the story, you unlock six unique adventuring classes -- simple farmer, brave warrior, merry archer, cunning thief, brainy wizard, and creepy vampire. Items unlocked in dungeons can be used for the duration of the dungeon dive, and then purchased in town for permanent use.

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