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This page is stuffed up. What you see at Get Out and what you see when you edit Get Out are two different things. PaulBlay

Are you perhaps confused by the fact that Get Out is merely a redirection page for Get Out!! ? Rdanhenry 03:42, 23 March 2009 (CET)
Nope. Here's how it works (on my machine anyway). Get Out shows a different version of the game description than Get Out!! does. Basically 1) I wrote Get Out page, 2) I found Get Out!! page. 3) I changed Get Out into redirect for Get Out, 4) Get Out 'Still shows' previous content of Get Out and not that of Get Out!!. Also there is no 'redirected from' line, so that isn't the problem. PaulBlay
Uh, have you tried hitting refresh on your browser? Shows as a simple redirect for me. Darren Grey
Yes I have. In fact my computer's rebooted since then and it's still showing up as before. I've done several other redirects and they all displayed normally. Maybe I should upload a couple of screen shots so you can see I'm not imagining things. ^^; In the edit screen I can see the reboot. Now that I know it's (probably) just my account I suppose I could just ignore it. PaulBlay
It's working now. PaulBlay