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I think this page is a little bit small. We should add a bit more information. Perhaps point to the DoomRL wiki as an example of the different level feelings. (DoomRl has a few, and they are a bit informative).

Perhaps we should also add some information why developers have level feelings, what the use is for players, and how to prevent scumming using level feelings. (I believe angband had some intricate system to prevent level scumming). --Soyweiser 12:48, 4 August 2008 (CEST)

I wish. A 100 normal-speed turn duration requirement isn't much, and the current feeling system's only method of impairing level scumming is being inaccurate. Hengband and Entroband probably have the most advanced refinement (update level feeling every so often), but still has the broken feeling algorithm. --Bessarion 13:35, 4 Aug 2008 (CDT)