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Review (Alpha 5) by Tukkek (talk) 02:44, 17 August 2016 (CEST)

Great user interface - looks very good, controls smoothly and intuitively. Both mouse and keyboard work well.

That's the only good thing to be said about this game. Other than that the gameplay is like a lower-common denominator of every roguelike game. It's not fun or challenging, there is no innovation and doesn't even copy some of the most interesting features of other roguelikes. As far as gameplay goes this can't compare to any of the more interesting roguelikes out there and probably can't compare to even the average ones. If you're a hardcore roguelike fan you probably won't play for even half an hour before going back to your favorites.

The only somewhat differential feature here is a crafting system. I've never liked those to be honest since they seem to be 80% about acquiring ingredients which is usually a very boring task. Here it's the same: every monster you kill will probably drop a handful of items which you need to pick up. In a matter of minutes you'll have at least 10 inventory slots worth of alchemical/spellcraft reagents. If you're looking for a crafting system this again is average at best but if you're all about collecting items to make other items I guess this is the game for you? My advice to the developers concerning this is to limit the number of ingredients to around 5 and make it an interesting choice of what to craft and when instead of a mindless "collect everything you can and craft everything you can".

My advice to the developers is to take the amazing interface they have and create a new game design from the ground up. There are dozens of other "standard" roguelikes out there (both free and paid) and so far nothing I've seen here shows me that this will be able to compete with them in terms of gameplay. I'd actually pay good money to see a coffee-break game like Desktop Dungeons with this type of smooth interface with great graphics, sound effects, etc.

As far as individual points go:

  1. I have no idea what's the difference in each character except their portraits
  2. Coins should be picked up automatically
  3. The mechanic of right clicking a enemy before using a scroll is weird, it would be better instead to select it (via inventory or quick item bar below) and then click on a monster
  4. The bottom of the screen is cut out since the game is not full-screen (Linux)