The Dungeon

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The Dungeon
Stable game
Developer Half-Bit Software
Theme Fantasy
Influences The Dungeon of Doom
Released Oct 31, 2010 (1.0)
Updated Dec 18, 2010 (1.2)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Obj-C
Platforms iPhone
Interface Graphical Tiles
Game Length Medium
Official site of The Dungeon

The Dungeon was developed as a remake/homage of a favorite roguelike of the developer, The Dungeon of Doom. Because the original was a Mac-only game, it didn't necessarily get a lot of exposure, but it certainly made a strong impression. This was a project that was attempted and started multiple times, on various touch-based platforms, until setting down on the iPhone. The touchscreen provides a near-perfect analog for general dungeon crawler controls, and through careful scaling back, provides a reasonable facsimile of normal roguelike play styles. The tiles, art and sound are all from various free/public domain sources, with the RLTiles being a particularly strong source of art.