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Tomas Miklovic
Alias Tommket
Projects Labyr2
Games working on it
P. Languages C, C++, C#, some experience with: Python, Ruby, Javascript, QBasic
Official site of Tommket

I am just a student, currently working "during my free time ;-))" on the Labyr2 roguelike made in C++ using the libtcod 1.5.0. I am developing it on Ubuntu 10.04 (a Linux distribution), but hopefully I will port it to Windows too, using Mingw32 (edit: tested and works well).

my path to the roguelikes

I made my first roguelike when I was on the elementary school. I named it Labyr (You can download an .exe here) and it was made in QBASIC. It is still available on my page to download in a compiled form, but I lost the source code. Nevertheless it was a programming garbage (not buggy, but very inefficient), nowadays I will be ashamed for something like that. It was just a maze with a Mapeditor and all you had to do there was to collect all the keys on the 1-screen map and find the EXIT. So not long ago I started writing this Labyr2, which will allow you to create your own roguelike worlds, creating your own items, making item interractions, maps - connecting them into a world using the world coordinates of the actual map and so on and on.