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Aside: I have both SCRM windows binaries (5 versions) and the Warlock's Mountain windows binaries (0.32 and 0.32a) locally. What's the best way of getting them back to you? -- Bessarion, 22:55 Jan 13 2009

Hey thanks for that, I still have the code for Warlocks Mountain but my SCRM code has been modified so I dont have the 05 binary. Could you mail myusername at and send just the 05 SCRM binary. Thanks a lot -- Corremn, 15:01 Jan 19 2009
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Turns out zip/tar/gzipped archives are banned (both send and receive). Let's try bouncing the archive through here. -- Bessarion, 3:23 Jan 20 2009 CDT
Got it, thanks for that. I actually quite enjoyed playing it again :) Maybe a sequal is in order. Corremn 04:18, 22 January 2009 (CET)