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The 2011 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge was the 7th 7DRL challenge and took place on the week of March 5th to March 13th of 2011.

A substantial number of people posted their progress over the course of the week on the 7DRLC community blog, which received 951 views at the height of the challenge on March 12th.


Competition tags

On Wordpress, entries used the tag 7DRL 2011 for related blog posts. On Twitter, some used the hashtag #7DRL2011 for competition related status updates.


There were a total of 100 entrants, 46 of which succeeded.


Honorable Mention (10DRL)



  • Brayney520
  • Chris Doucet
  • Ciarán Walsh
  • Del Murgatroid
  • deps
  • DNewhall
  • Drakalor Tourist
  • d r
  • elig - FarmCraft
  • Gregory Friis
  • Karies
  • Kevin Mees - NRogue
  • Michael Doherty
  • Michael Durwald
  • MisfitBYTE - Late Start
  • Nik Coughlin - Legend of the Cheese Golem - https://github.com/nrkn/LosvRL
  • Parthon - Randor: Planestrife
  • Paxtor
  • Peregrinus (+2 friends)
  • Pol
  • pom - Oubliette
  • RedboneBit
  • Scott Edgar - Four challenges
  • Siquo
  • SophieH - ? - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9766731/7drl2011/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html
  • steev - Matter Splatter RL
  • Stoney - A Practical Survival Guide for Knights
  • Tanthie - Life of a Dragon
  • Vincent Berset - Schream


Challengers: 100
Winners: 46
Failed: 25
Runaways: 29

2011 7DRL Challenge is the first one for which a logo contest has been made. The winner of the 2011 7D7DRLCLC (Seven-Day Seven-Day Roguelike Challenge Logo Contest) was Nik Coughlin, with this "dungeon on a screen" logo:



RogueBasin users have written reviews here: 7DRL Contest 2011 Reviews.

Add your own! Even short reviews will tell challengers that you appreciate their work, help others decide which games to play first, and create an enduring record of this year's highlights. Compared to the time and effort you're already putting into downloading the games, getting them to run, and playing them, it really doesn't take much.


The 2011 7DRL Challenge Medal is to be designed by Oryx, and distributed by Slashie

Winners will proudly display the medal on their homepage or their RogueBasin user pages. Failures may only look on with envy...