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The game stands for "Another DnD" and is an upgrade to Daniel Lawrence's DnD.

I don't have a website to post a ZIP file on, but I can send it to anyone else who would like to host it for posterity.

The game was at version 0.8.5 when I stopped working on it, but it was fully functional, with an overland map, multiple themed dungeons, quests and five character classes that could advance to 36th level and have pets.

One of the coolest things I added was tactical spellcasting, so that all the Wizard and Cleric spells were implemented and had correct areas of effect represented using ASCII graphics that the player could "position" with the arrow keys before launching the spell. Also creatures and NPCs could use magic. There were also several towns scattered throughout the game.

Oh, the game sported a complete 8Khz PC speaker sound system, with background music and sound effects!

Eventually I changed the name of the game to "The Valley of Neustria" and put a backstory to it. Later, I gave the game a complete DirectX9.0 overhaul and used the free isometric tiles available on the internet instead of the ASCII text. E-mail and I can send copies of either version (sorry no source code will be given).