Allure of the Stars

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|released = Aug 05, 2011 (v0.4.1)
|released = Aug 05, 2011 (v0.4.1)
|relver = v0.4.1
|relver = v0.4.1
|updated = Apr 21, 2019 (v0.9.4.0)
|updated = May 2, 2019 (v0.9.5.0)
|updver = v0.9.4.0
|updver = v0.9.5.0
|licensing = [[GNU AGPL3]] (Free Software)
|licensing = [[GNU AGPL3]] (Free Software)
|language = [[Haskell]]
|language = [[Haskell]]

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Allure of the Stars
Beta Project
Developer Andres Löh, Mikolaj Konarski
Theme near-future Sci-Fi
Influences Angband, X-Com
Released Aug 05, 2011 (v0.4.1)
Updated May 2, 2019 (v0.9.5.0)
Licensing GNU AGPL3 (Free Software)
P. Language Haskell
Platforms Browser, Linux, OSX, Windows
Interface Keyboard, Mouse, ASCII (Browser or SDL or Teletype terminal or Screen reader)
Game Length 2h
Official site of Allure of the Stars


[edit] Play it in the browser!

Allure of the Stars is a near-future Sci-Fi roguelike and tactical squad game. Binaries and the game manual are available at the homepage, where you can also try the game out in the browser. ( --- It runs fastest on Chrome. Keyboard commands and savefiles are supported only on recent enough versions of browsers. Mouse should work everywhere.)

Not a single picture in this game. You have to imagine everything yourself, like with a book (a grown-up book, without pictures). Once you learn to imagine things, though, you can keep exploring and mastering the world and making up stories for a long time.

The game is written in Haskell using the LambdaHack roguelike game engine. Please see the changelog file for recent improvements and the issue tracker for short-term plans. Long term goals are high replayability and auto-balancing through procedural content generation and persistent content modification based on player behaviour. Contributions are welcome.

Please offer your feedback.

[edit] Screenshots

A terminal console frontend fine-tuned for screen-readers, for sight-impaired gamers:

[edit] Old screenshots

A fully automatic run of the ambush scenario with decently effective use of explosives --- in particular, for illuminating opponents to be targeted with ordinary projectiles:




[edit] Ancient screenshots






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