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* [http://hem.passagen.se/gbjor/Alphaman/ Alphaman]
* [http://hem.passagen.se/gbjor/Alphaman/ Alphaman]

* [http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?name=Alphaman Home of the Underdogs] a review
* [http://www.the-underdogs.info/game.php?name=Alphaman Home of the Underdogs] a review

* [http://members.chello.at/theodor.lauppert/games/alphaman.htm] another review
* [http://members.chello.at/theodor.lauppert/games/alphaman.htm] another review

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Stable game
Developer Jeffrey R. Olson
Theme SF (post-apocalyptic)
Influences ?
Released 1995 ({{{relver}}})
Updated 1995 1.1 ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Shareware
P. Language ?
Platforms DOS
Interface Extended ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 5 hours
[{{{site}}} Official site of Alphaman]

An old post-apocalyptic roguelike.

From readme.txt

AlphaMan (Copyright (c) 1995 Jeffrey R. Olson) is an adventure game set on Earth in the future, following a nuclear disaster. You will take the role of a mutated human who is struggling to save the planet from annihilation. You will be pitted against hideously mutated plants and animals, traps and snares of all sorts, and several varied adversaries whom you will have to defeat in order to complete your mission. At your disposal are a broad variety of technological relics and mutated substances which you will acquire along the way, as well as your own powers and guile.

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