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Stable game
Developer Brian Walker
Theme Dungeon Crawl
Influences Rogue
Released Nov 27, 2009 (1.0)
Updated July 3, 2014 (1.7.4)
Licensing GNU Affero General Public License v3
P. Language C
Platforms Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
Interface Full color ASCII/Unicode
Game Length ~2 hours
Official site of Brogue

A traditional 26-level crawl to the Amulet of Yendor. Development focus is on a smooth learning curve with strategic depth and intuitive/beautiful appearance within the strictures of ASCII/Unicode display.


  • Visit the web page for downloads and screenshots.
  • Visit the wiki to read more about the game's mechanics and the dungeon's inhabitants.
  • Visit the discussion forum to compare strategies, request features, ask questions, celebrate victories and lament defeats.
  • Online play is available on an EU server and a US server.


Complete, but still in active development.

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