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Chambers RL is a coffeebreak roguelike for Silver Editions (i.e., 15MHz models) of the TI-83/84+. Programmed by Ryan Boyd (former Roguelike Radio editor and panelist) using Axe Parser 1.0.5, the compiled assembly code clocks in at just over 21 kb. Released in March of 2013, the game spent just over 1 year in development. The game is themed around constraints, including movement directions, inventory size, room size, program size (had to fit in RAM on a TI-83+ SE), and so on.


  • 3-level greyscale
  • Menu screen
  • Monster types of different power / abilities
  • Items such as strength boosts, teleporter, etc.
  • Static, 1-screen rooms with 2 alternative "dangerous" conditions in each room
  • Multiple challenges for extra ending material
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