Complete Roguelike Tutorial, using Python+libtcod, problems

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This is part of a series of tutorials; the main page can be found here.


libtcodpy cannot be found

Your project directory, whatever it is called, should contain the following files:



  • You may have chosen a different name for your tutorial code file, than
  • The file sizes may differ from what the version of libtcod that the tutorial is based around, but if you provide a screenshot of this same information yourself, this is valuable information to give us - as it allows us to have a hint at which version of libtcod you are using.
  • The savegame file is generated, and you will not have that until later in the tutorial.
  • The libtcodpy directory is the one that comes from the libtcod release you downloaded.

Where do you execute Python?

Python locates files, like libtcodpy, based on both what directory you are executing the Python within, and where your tutorial code is located. In the screenshot above, you will note that is located in the same directory as both libtcodpy and the dlls SDL2.dll libtcod.dll libtcod-gui.dll.

The safest way to execute Python, if you this is all new to you, is explicitly within the directory the file is located.



  • The current directory is that of the tutorial code and libtcod dependencies, in my case C:\Users\rmtew\Documents\xxx\project. I know that Python when executed, should be able to find these files.
  • The full path of the Python executable c:\Python27\python.exe is given, so that I know that Python 2.7 32-bit is executed.