Complete Roguelike Tutorial, using python+libtcod, part 1 code

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This is part of a series of tutorials; the main page can be found here.

The tutorial uses libtcod version 1.6.0 and above.

If you choose to use 1.5.1, you can find the old version here.
If you choose to use 1.5.0, you can find the old version here.

Showing the @ on screen

import libtcodpy as libtcod

#actual size of the window
LIMIT_FPS = 20  #20 frames-per-second maximum

libtcod.console_set_custom_font('arial10x10.png', libtcod.FONT_TYPE_GREYSCALE | libtcod.FONT_LAYOUT_TCOD)
libtcod.console_init_root(SCREEN_WIDTH, SCREEN_HEIGHT, 'python/libtcod tutorial', False)

def handle_keys():
    global playerx, playery

    #key = libtcod.console_check_for_keypress()  #real-time
    key = libtcod.console_wait_for_keypress(True)  #turn-based

    if key.vk == libtcod.KEY_ENTER and key.lalt:
        # Alt+Enter: toggle fullscreen
        libtcod.console_set_fullscreen(not libtcod.console_is_fullscreen())

    elif key.vk == libtcod.KEY_ESCAPE:
        return True  # exit game

    # movement keys
    if libtcod.console_is_key_pressed(libtcod.KEY_UP):
        playery -= 1

    elif libtcod.console_is_key_pressed(libtcod.KEY_DOWN):
        playery += 1

    elif libtcod.console_is_key_pressed(libtcod.KEY_LEFT):
        playerx -= 1

    elif libtcod.console_is_key_pressed(libtcod.KEY_RIGHT):
        playerx += 1

playerx = SCREEN_WIDTH/2
playery = SCREEN_HEIGHT/2

while not libtcod.console_is_window_closed():
    libtcod.console_set_default_foreground(0, libtcod.white)
    libtcod.console_put_char(0, 1, 1, '@', libtcod.BKGND_NONE)

    exit = handle_keys()
    if exit: