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|released = Oct 23, 2012
|released = Oct 23, 2012
|relver = 1.0
|relver = 1.0
|updated = Oct 23, 2012
|updated = Dec 7, 2012
|updver = 1.0
|updver = 1.0.1
|licensing = [[Commercial]], [[Closed Source]]
|licensing = [[Commercial]], [[Closed Source]]
|language = [[Objective C]] ([[Cocos2d]])
|language = [[Objective C]] ([[Cocos2d]])

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Crossword Dungeon
Stable game
Developer Ebyan Alvarez-Buylla (Nolithius)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Roguelikes, Crosswords
Released Oct 23, 2012 (1.0)
Updated Dec 7, 2012 (1.0.1)
Licensing Commercial, Closed Source
P. Language Objective C (Cocos2d)
Platforms iOS, iPhone
Interface Touch
Game Length 1-2 hours
Official site of Crossword Dungeon


Available for iPhone.

Crossword Dungeon is a roguelike-like in which your character traverses a procedurally-generated crossword dungeon, wherein guessing the correct letter results in a critical hit to the monster on the tile, and the incorrect letter in trading blows with the aforementioned baddie.

There are three playable classes with unique skill trees: the Barbarian, with a focus on Gore Attacks and high damage; the Ranger, with a focus on revealing tiles and ranged attacks; and the Scoundrel, with a focus on Stealth attacks as well as a wide variety of opportunistic tricks.

The game is available for the iPhone/iPod Touch (iOS 5.1+).


crossword_dungeon_screenshot1.jpg crossword_dungeon_screenshot2.jpg crossword_dungeon_screenshot3.jpg crossword_dungeon_screenshot4.jpg crossword_dungeon_screenshot5.jpg crossword_dungeon_screenshot6.jpg