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* Was part of the [[7DRL_Challenge_2014|2014 7DRL]] challenge.
* Was part of the [[7DRL_Challenge_2014|2014 7DRL]] challenge.
* Follow development at http://heroicfisticuffs.com/blog

== Status ==
== Status ==

Latest revision as of 19:42, 30 May 2014

Dungeon Dual
Developer Todd `Heroic Fisticuffs` Page
Theme Co-op Dungeon
Influences Demon Souls, Brogue
Released Mar 16, 2014
Updated Mar 16, 2014
Licensing Artist License 2.0
P. Language CoffeeScript, HTML5, Python
Platforms Any HTML5-compliant Browser
Interface Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length
Official site of Dungeon Dual

Dungeon Dual is a turn-based "classic" roguelike.

It is also an asynchronous co-op roguelike.

You can play alone, and go at your own speed.

If you have a partner, you will be able to use abilities on each other, banish monsters for them to fight, trade items, and share knowledge of the dungeon you are both in.

The game was created using HTML5, CoffeeScript, and WebSockets and is playable in any modern (HTML5-compatible) browser: http://www.dungeondual.com/


Expect bug fixes as 7DRL play continues


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