Escape from Dragon's Den

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Escape from Dragon's Den
Alpha Project
Developer Ambrosia-Designs
Theme Fantasy
Released October 20th, 2011
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Java
Platforms Blackberry
Interface trackball/trackpad
Game Length ~ 20-40min
[ Official site of Escape from Dragon's Den]

Escape from Dragon's Den is a simple roguelike, designed for passing the time. It was developed for the Blackberry cellphones exclusively, however there are plans to port it to android as well.

Your character starts at the bottom of a multi-level dungeon and might fight his way out to the surface.

The game is designed for short play periods. This has influenced the developers decisions to keep it simple with limited equipment and detail.


  • Randomly generated dungeon levels
  • Monster types vary according to dungeon level
  • 3 types of upgrades - shield, armor, weapon
  • Permadeath - no saving.