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Stable game
Developer Piotr Bednaruk
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM, Castle of the Winds
Released January 15, 2006 (0.5.1)
Updated Nov 12, 2014 (0.9.6)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Graphical Tiles / ASCII, Mouse, Keyboard
Game Length ~12h
Official site of Fame

Fame (formerly known as Untitled) is a classical, fantasy-themed roguelike based on 32x32 graphical tiles.


Main Features

  • Both random-generated and predefined locations are present in the game
  • Combines intuitive user interface (with drag&drop support in the inventory window) with flexibility and complexity known from the most famous roguelike games
  • No character classes or professions - you can create your hero from scratch and only your actions decide who you become (however, some attributes can still be chosen at the beginning)
  • Not based on any particular RPG system, realm or tile set
  • No annoyances known from classic roguelikes (stat-draining monsters, time-is-running-out story, do-it-in-the-correct-order quests)
  • Although the game is currently fully playable, the storyline is far from being completed, because the author doesn't really want to create yet another "save the world" game!
  • Game is available in Polish and English
  • The game is using its own scripting language, U
  • No elves :-)
  • Some of other features: full-text dialogs, spells, trade system, alchemy, traps, ranged weapons, mining, smithing
  • Notable features planned, but not implemented so far: building, digging for treasures

Development status and statistics

The development started in 2000 and it's still ongoing. The game is currently playable, but not completed (is any roguelike ever completed, anyway?). So far, there are 38 monster types, 43 NPCs, over 280 items and 30 spells.


  • Windows XP or Linux


  • To install the game, just unpack the archive. No external libraries are required except for DirectX 9.0 or OpenGL
  • In the Data/Game.ini file you can configure some stuff (switch language, enable OpenGL, change log preferences)
  • You can press the '?' key (without Shift) during game to display the most important keyboard shortcuts. The complete list can be found in Docs/manual.pdf, along with a lot of other information

Technical details

  • Libraries used:
    • IrrLite (a heavily modified version of the Irrlicht Engine)
    • FreeType
    • ZLib
  • Renderers supported:
    • DirectX 9.0c
    • OpenGL
  • Tools implemented:
    • WorldEdit
    • LGN (random name generator)
    • Backup & release scripts
    • Built-in utilities:
      • Location editor
      • GUISpy (to browse and debug GUI hierarchy)
      • Variable editor
      • QCTools (to edit locations in batch mode)
      • Verifier (to quickly check that the game world is loadable)
      • Unit test suites


External Links

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