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Featured Roguelike: Armoured Commander


In Armoured Commander (ArmCom) your goal is to survive the campaign (which runs from 1944 to 1945) and accumulate as many Victory Points as you can during that time.

Each day you may be called up for combat, and during each combat day, you choose how to proceed across a procedurally generated terrain map, leading your battlegroup into combat. Battle encounters take place on a hex map, where you must order your crew to deal with enemy forces ranging from infantry squads to Tiger tanks.

As you progress and gain Victory Points, your crew gains experience, levels, and skill points, which can be used to purpose skills and improve their effectiveness.

The M4 Sherman tank was outgunned and outnumbered by enemy forces upon arrival in Normandy, and in ArmCom the situation is the same. You cannot roll forward, guns blazing, and expect to survive even a single day of combat. Instead, you must learn to use the same tactics as historical tank crews: using cover, smoke, and mobility to survive and help destroy enemy forces that you encounter.

Two campaigns are available: "Patton's Best" where you fight as part of the American 4th Armoured Division, and "Canada's Best", where you command a tank in the Canadian 4th Armoured Division.