Forays into Norrendrin

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Forays into Norrendrin
Stable game
Developer Derrick Creamer
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM, DoomRL, Angband, Brogue
Released January 28, 2012 (0.5.0)
Updated December 9, 2012 (0.7.0)
Licensing MIT
P. Language C# with Mono
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Coffeebreak to medium
Official site of Forays into Norrendrin

A twenty-level dungeon crawl with a skill and feat system, originally starting development in October 2011. The game features starting traits which define your special ability throughout the game on top of the skills/feats which you gain from shrines that can be found within the dungeon. There is a quick start system in place that will allow you to save past configurations for a faster start. There is a high-score system which is based on dungeon depth and player level comparisons. The game focuses on a clean user interface with many accessibility options such as quick slots, automated task options, key bindings and more.

Help & How To Play

Included in the download are five text files which will help on a variety of topics, including:

  • help.txt - Featuring a 'how to play' section as well as keyboard commands.
  • advanced_help.txt - Shows some more advanced gameplay tips.
  • feat_help.txt - Describes which each skill/feat does as well as the category for each.
  • item_help.txt - Describes what each item does in the game.
  • spell_help.txt - Describes what each spell does.

Alternatively, most of this information is available in game through various means, including the help menu, which is accessed by pressing "?" (Shift + /).




For Windows

Source and build scripts for Linux

Future Plans

  • 0.7.1 - Better handling of sound events.
  • Soon after - The last major feature: Templated special levels will occasionally appear to offer different challenges.