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Huw Millward
Alias Huw2k8
Projects RWG
Games The Wastes, Warsim
Nationality Welsh
P. Languages C++
Official site of Huw Millward


I would write this in the third person but I find it pretentious, so I'll just tell you about myself, I've been working on games since I was about 13, I had always enjoyed games, comics, music and those sorts of things and always pursued them.

I wrote a few crappy comics, sang a few crappy songs and made a few crappy flash games, I worked on quite a fair few flash games over the years but many of them are no longer online though most of the good ones can be found on newground.

After that a few years later I ended up getting into c++, I had always wanted to movie beyond actionscript (the language used in flash) and it was tough to begin with but soon I got into c++ thanks to library books and youtube tutorials.

After a few little projects, such as a combat simulator I began work on something called random weapon generator it wasn't great but it did the job and had the ability to create tons of randomly generated weapons.

It was the random weapon generator that had me in love with randomly generated content and since then for years I had planned big games with completely random content, there were many large projects that I worked on, warsim came first but The Wastes grew far bigger and better, updated far beyond what I thought I could accomplish, and unless this bio ends up being outdated, that's more or less where I stand today!

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