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* [[Kornel Kisielewicz]]
* [[Kornel Kisielewicz]]
* [[Milesss]]
* [[Milesss]]
* Radomir Dopieralski
* Radomir Dopieralski (arriving Friday, 19 September 2008, staying until Sunday, 21 September 2008, got a place to crash already)
* [[Jeff Lait]]
* [[Jeff Lait]]

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Rgrd Meeting 2008

Preliminary Vote

To vote add a your name next to the city/month and update the counter.


  • Berlin, Germany (9 votes): ido, RotateMe, Kisielewicz, JeffLait, the_ru, Radomir Dopieralski, purestrain, I_Own_The_Letter_O, Mario Donick
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA (2 votes): njerpe, Almafeta
  • Cracow, Poland (1 vote): Jakub Debski
  • Stockholm, Sweden(1 vote): Bj????rn Ritzl
  • Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1 vote): Mingos


  • September 2008 (6 votes): Almafeta, Bj????rn, Mario Donick, Mingos, ido, the ru
  • October 2008 (2 vote): RotateMe, purestrain

Secondary Vote; Exact Date (of the first day)

To vote add a your name next to the date and update the counter.

  • Saturday, September 6
  • Saturday, September 13
  • Saturday, September 20 (3 votes): ido, the ru, Mario Donick
  • Saturday, September 27
  • Saturday, October 4

Tertiary Vote; Exact Location in Berlin

  • Chaos Computer Club ??? -> Thanks Gregoa, Bfoo, Bine, Ric and the others!

Chosen Location

Berlin, Germany was voted as the preferable location.

Chosen Date

Saturday, September 20.


  • "Major mistakes of roguelike developers" -- Kornel Kisielewicz (title subject to change)
  • "Tutorial - roguelike development in c (for beginners)" -- Ido Yehieli (aka Joe6pack)
  • "Batteries included - introduction to writing your game in Python" -- Radomir Dopieralski (aka The Sheep)
  • "Context and Meaning in character based roleplaying. A communication scientist's view on roguelikes" -- Mario Donick
  • "The Discretization of Space and Time: Role in Roguelike Design" -- JeffLait

Confirmed Participation


I propose we dub this the International Roguelike Development Conference 2008, or IRDC 2008 for short. No doubt conflicts with a half-dozen other industry groups, but you have to start somewhere... --JeffLait 05:24, 29 July 2008 (CEST)

Maybe some more interesting name, like Tailoring Roguelikes: International Conference on Roguelike Development (TRICoRD). (Although I think a better acronym could be found.) --R2 16:05, 29 July 2008 (CEST)

Society for the Advancement of Roguelike Games and Endeavors (SARGE)

A Multinational Populace Helping to Orchestrate Roguelike Awareness (AMPHORA)

Developer's Union for the Promotion of Roguelike Endeavors (DUPRE)

--Njerpe 22:07, 6 August 2008 (CEST)