IRDC 2008

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Rgrd Meeting 2008


  • Berlin, Germany (6 votes): ido, RotateMe, Kisielewicz[2], JeffLait, the_ru[5], Radomir Dopieralski[2]
  • Atlanta, Georgia, USA[3] (2 votes): njerpe, Almafeta
  • Cracow, Poland[4] (1 vote): Jakub Debski
  • Stockholm, Sweden(1 vote): Bj????rn Ritzl
  • Kiruna, Sweden[1] (no votes)


  • September 2008 (2 votes): Almafeta, Bj????rn
  • October 2008 (2 vote): ido, RotateMe

[1] the_ru can probably host if enough people are willing to travel to Kiruna, Sweden.

[2] I'd prefer Poland, considering that we have the govermental RL world domination program, but as far as compromises go, I think Berlin is a nice idea.

[3] Atlanta is hosting Dragoncon 2008, a four day gaming convention, from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1st. I plan to promote roguelikes while I'm there. Plus the Stormtrooper parade they have downtown is outta sight.

[4] I propose Cracow/Poland, because roguelike development in Poland is supported by government funds, 5 university research teams, prime minister and a squirrel.

[5] Germany and Poland would be about the same distance for me, so both are ok