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=== Equipment ===
=== Equipment ===
* Camcorder: [[Jeff Lait]] (Maybe I'll turn on the gain adjust so we don't have 10 hours of darkness this year? <- Except for the obligatory Dark Cabal shot, of course)
* Camcorder: [[Jeff Lait]]
* Tripod: ??
* Tripod: ??
* Food:  
* Food:  


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Time:  April 30th-May 1st, 2011
Chat:  IRC: QuakeNet #rgrd
News:  rec.games.roguelike.development

IRDC Visby 2011

Full Name:  IRDC Europe - Visby 2011
Place: Visby, Sweden
Venue: Gotland University
Venue Contact: Jakob Berglund


  • Jeff Lait (jmlait (snail) gmail (thing that oracle now owns) com)



Visby is on the island of Gotland, so you need to either fly or take a ferry there from the mainland.