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The International Roguelike Development Conference 2013. A unique opportunity for roguelike developers and enthusiasts to network and discuss their genre in depth. Attendance is free and open to all. Add your name to the participants list if you plan to attend.


Radomir Dopieralski proposes to organize IRDC 2013 in Poznań, Poland, on 7-9 June 2013.

The exact venue will be announced soon.


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There is an airport in Poznań, POZ, which has connections to Warsaw, Munich, Frankfurt and Duesseldorf. Unfortunately all the flights have to go through one of those cities. You can check the available routes at From the airport you can take one of the buses right into the city center.

There are also trains, including the Eurocity train. You can check your connections at (You want the "Poznań Główny", main station.)

The cheapest route for most of the world would be probably to fly to Berlin and then take a train to Poznań from there.


As for the accomodation, there all sorts of hostles and hotels. I'm planning on getting a venue right in the city center, so it should be very close to a lot of good places.

Poznań is a relatively small city, and we will be mostly in the city center, where you can reach most places by foot. We also have a pretty good tram and bus network, you can check information about it at

More information about the city: