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Javascript Roguelike Redux
Defunct Game
Developer Andy Driver
Released Apr 26 2005
Updated May 10 2005
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Firefox
Interface Tiles, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Javascript Roguelike Redux

JRR (Javascript Roguelike Redux) By Andy Driver

So called because I already attempted a Javascript RL some years ago, but gave up on it.

Hopefully, JRR will be quite broadly cross-platform, working in as many web browsers as possible. Currently, only Firefox is supported.

JRR is developed in object oriented Javascript and DHTML to all W3C standards (DOM2, CSS2, HTML4).

I have a story in mind, and even some thoughts on random quest generation - but it remains to be seen how much can be accomplished in Javascript without running into some limitations.

Currently, you can play JRR: Exterminate The Kobolds, a special alpha version ;-)

The game can be found at http://www.pagezero.net/roguelike/javascript2

Source code is also available at http://www.pagezero.net/roguelike/javascript2/src

Development state

Reached alpha before development apparently ceased.

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