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Javascript Roguelike Redux
Alpha Project
Developer Andy Driver
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Licensing Open Source
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Firefox
Interface Tiles, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Javascript Roguelike Redux

JRR (Javascript Roguelike Redux) By Andy Driver

So called because I already attempted a Javascript RL some years ago, but gave up on it.

Hopefully, JRR will be quite broadly cross-platform, working in as many web browsers as possible. Currently, only Firefox is supported.

JRR is developed in object oriented Javascript and DHTML to all W3C standards (DOM2, CSS2, HTML4).

I have a story in mind, and even some thoughts on random quest generation - but it remains to be seen how much can be accomplished in Javascript without running into some limitations.

Currently, you can play JRR: Exterminate The Kobolds, a special alpha version ;-)

The game can be found at http://www.pagezero.net/roguelike/javascript2

Source code is also available at http://www.pagezero.net/roguelike/javascript2/src