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Stable game
Developer Mario Donick
Theme Lost, Apocalyptic, Magic, Beautiful, Dark, Absurd
Influences Nethack, Angband, ADOM, Sacred, Diablo 2
Released Jul, 2006 (0.1)
Updated November 17, 2011 (1.6 (MacOS Lion))
Licensing Open Source (GPL), postcardware
P. Language Free Pascal
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Interface SDL or Console, Keyboard
Game Length Medium
Official site of LambdaRogue



LambdaRogue is a roguelike RPG. The most recent version is 1.6.

If one had to categorize LambdaRogue to be either a "hack"-game or a "band"-game judging by dungeon generation, it would clearly fall into the "band"-category: Like in Angband and other *bands, standard dungeon levels are randomly generated every time a staircase is used and the player will never encounter the same dungeon level twice.



Key Features

Describing LambdaRogue, version 1.6

LambdaRogue's feature set, esp. the number of different monsters and items, is rather small compared to many other games. However, all features are chosen in a "less is more" manner by the developer with clear concepts in mind.

  • graphical mode (800x600; 1024x768)
  • text-based console mode
  • sound effects
  • optional music
  • configurable keyboard
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • alternate ways to win with different endings
  • 4 professions to choose from (Enchanter, Thief, Archer, Soldier)