Land of cigo

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Land of cigo
Alpha Project
Developer dexrow
Released Sep 20, 2007
P. Language FreePascal
Game Length
Official site of Land of cigo

Land of cigo is a roguelike that is currently in dev.. The program is written in free pascal and includes the sourcecode.. Requirements to complile are free pascal and the wingraph library.. maps for the game can be created in any text editor (and it takes some code). I also left it open enough for map generators to be written in any language that can be compiled or interpeted and saved to disk (specialazion inspired by dos, unix, linux exc). The gaming system is someonewhat based on wizards of the west coast open gamming system but It is pretty flexable and I will do special charecters classes exc upon request (or if code is provided). THe latest source and executable is at the following link.

Land of cigo

a bbs is available for comments requests exc at

Dexrow programming projects

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