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A handheld roguelike is a roguelike game for a small electronic device such as a cellphone, a video game system, or a PDA.

Even a system capable of running Windows or Linux does not guarantee a good roguelike experience. The small screen and limited controls of most handhelds mean that, unless careful work is done in UI design, the resulting game can be unplayable.

Some of these games also work on Windows or Linux, either by themselves or with the help of an emulator.

Multiple platforms



Note: If you are buying a cellphone, consider a PalmOS-based or Windows Mobile-based "smartphone", as those can run a wider variety of software. See the Palm and Windows Mobile sections below.

Game Boy Advance

To play these games, buy an inexpensive Game Boy Advance flash cartridge or download a Game Boy Advance emulator for your PC. NO$GBA[1] is currently one of the more accurate Game Boy Advance emulators for the PC. Perhaps it is also possible to play them using a computer-to-GBA link cable or a Game Boy Advance Movie Player or other such device. You can also play these (and any other Game Boy Advance homebrew applications) on a Nintendo DS via a slot-1 card such as the CycloDS Evolution[2]

Game Boy Color

Nintendo DS

  • NetHack for the Nintendo DS
  • Dungeon Crawl for the Nintendo DS [3] (The site is down. Use Wayback. Last version is 1.0.) Try this link: [4]
  • POWDER (stable)
  • Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja [5]
  • Angband (development abandoned, source and .nds file available) [6]
  • DungeonS [7]
  • The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon commercial games are built around random dungeon crawls, strongly reminiscent of Rogue dungeons. They are graphical, use standard DS input, and have plots, but the plot can most often be ignored.



PlayStation Portable

Windows Mobile / Windows CE / Smartphone 2002

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