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Lua is a very nice and easy to learn scripting language specifically designed to be embedable and able to represent complex data.


  • Clean syntax
  • Simple yet extremely powerful and extensible datastructure, the tables, that can be used as hashtables, vectors, arrays, lists, namespaces, objects, ...
  • Easily embedable into existing projects
  • Lightweight
  • Very fast
  • Can be compiled to bytecode(actaully it always is, but the bytecode can be dumped to a file for later reuse)
  • Easy integrated with all languages that can load C libraries (also FreePascal
  • Many other nifty things ;)

Lua Roguelikes

Lua is probably the most popular scripting language for roguelikes. Some of the projects that use Lua:

  • Angband - since 3.0.0 Angband supports Lua scripts.
  • ToME - a good part of the engine is in Lua and the game itself will be completly in Lua in the next version.
  • H-World - all modding in this engine is done through Lua scripts
  • Carceri


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