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{{game-alpha| name = MIDP RL
{{game-alpha| name = MIDP RL
|developer = devilbuddy
|developer = Devilbuddy
|theme = Fantasy
|theme = Fantasy
|influences =  
|influences =  

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Alpha Project
Developer Devilbuddy
Theme Fantasy
Released September 2008
Licensing Freeware, closed source
P. Language Java (J2ME MIDP2)
Platforms J2ME MIDP2 handsets
Interface Tiles, joystick
Game Length N/A
Official site of MIDP RL


A roguelike for Java enabled cellphones (MIDP2). Currently in a pre-alpha state. GFX stolen with love from POWDER.


  • Tile engine
  • Random level generator
  • Raycasting FOV
  • Monsters
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Items

Known issues

  • Bugs in random level generator
  • FOV artefacts
  • Monsters have stupid AI


  • Joystick to move
  • Fire to pick up items
  • Left soft-key to toggle between game and stats-screen

Should work on most MIDP2 handsets. But only tested on Nokia 6120 classic and Nokia N95. Will probably look best on a phone with landscape screen (172x220, 240x320).