Minute Dungeon

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Minute Dungeon
Alpha Project
Developer Nightflyer Games
Influences 8PRL,
Released Nov 25, 2009
Updated Nov 25, 2009
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Action Script, (Flash)
Platforms Browser, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Interface 2D graphics, keyboard
Game Length 60 seconds
Official site of Minute Dungeon

Minute Dungeon is a roguelike with a total playing time of 60 seconds. You must find your way to the exit carrying the crown while avoiding enemies, collecting treasure and using a variety of objects scattered through the dungeon levels. There is a detailed design document at http://nightflyergames.com/?p=179.

You can play Minute Dungeon at http://nightflyergames.com/?p=171 using Flash in browser.