Monster Trainer RL

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Beta Project
Developer Slash
Theme Pokemon
Influences Pokemon
Released 2017 March 13
Updated 2017 March 25 22
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Browser,Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length 2 hour
Official site of PokemonRL



PokemonRL was Slash's entry for 2017 7DRL Challenge. It has seen some minor development afterwards.

In the game, your goal is to become a Pokemon master by defeating the gym leaders of the 8 cities in your region.


Pick your starter pokemon (using ,). Then find the exit to route 1 from your hometown.

When you find wild pokemon, use "r" to release your selected pokemon in a given direction. He will automatically fight nearby enemies with his default skill

If you want to use a different skill, press the key as indicated on the right bar

To call back your pokemon, use "P"

To use pokeballs or potions, go to the "I"nventory and select a direction

Keyboard Commands

  • Arrow keys Move around.
  • I Show Inventory.
  • , Pick up items and pokeballs.
  • 1 to 6 Select pokemon slot.
  • R Release selected pokemon.
  • P Pull back selected pokemon.
  • Z,X,C,V Use pokemon skills.