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February 20 2006

T-Engine/ToME 3.0.0alpha3 aka "A Late Delivery from Avalon" is released! See the announcement [here].

February 12 2006: Mass update

GearHead-2 v0.210 and Mecha Encyclopedia; the game is getting closer to playable all the time... though I wouldn't say that it's there yet.

Advanced Rogue 7.7.1 The first restored release of Advanced Rogue 7.7 (7.7.1) is now available at [site]

Rogue 5.4.2 The second restored release of Rogue 5.4 (5.4.2) is now available at [site]

Warp Rogue 0.5.1 released

GearHead v1.001 now available; GearHead, the roguelike game of giant robots and random conversation, has just reached version 1.001. This is primarily a bugfix release.

Caverns of Xaskazien 2.83 released; Check it out if you're curious at [site]

Labyrinth of Reptoran example demo released! [site]

Vulture's - 1.11.2 released [site]

Nazghul 0.5.1 is now available

Netwhack 0.5.0

Lost Labyrinth 4.012f (BlitzBasic/Windows version)

Haxima a free ultima-like game which roguelikers may also enjoy, can be downloaded from [site]

A Fable 1.0: Afable is a fable style game creation system (as in "a Fable"), drawing heavily from the concepts in Rogue and ADOM

HASAD 0.5 HASAD (hack and slash dungeon/adventure). Somewhat similar to ADOM, although much work remains to be done before it will be really enjoyable. [site]

ToME 2.3.3 aka "Realized Unreality" is released at [site]

XRogue (8.0.3) available at [site]

Slash'EM version 0.0.7E7F2

November 10 2005

T-Engine/ToME 3.0.0alpha aka "The Gathering" is released! See the announcement [here].

September 20 2005

CastlevaniaRL 1.1d [site] New release is a "big leap" from 1.1c with regards to game content.

TileRogue 1.1 [site] TileRogue is a graphical version of Rogue based on the NetBSD source code of Rogue Clone version III by Tim Stoehr.

Papaki 0.6.6 [site] Beta-stage roguelike. Many new features in this release.

The Minstrel's Song 2.0 [site] Roguelike game that is "heavy on world building"

August 20 2005

Witherwyn: Adventures in the Infinite Realm site (Alpha-stage demo of basic roguelike functionality in C#)

July 21 2005

Kamyran's Eye (for mobile primarily) [site]

June 26th 2005: Many new games released!

Papaki 0.6.5 [site]

Tower Of Doom 0.4.0 [site]

AngBand 3.0.6 [exec]

GearHead 0.909 [(often updated) site]

Guild 1.02 [site]

Dweller 0.7.8 (for mobile) [site]

March 30th 2005: Tower of Doom 0.3.0 released

A new version of the dark SF roguelike Tower of Doom is out! Get it here:

January 28th 2005: RogueBasin reopens!

As you might have all noticed, the RogueBasin just re-opened! The aim is to have a central place, a point of focus, for all the roguelike players and developers.

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