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Ebyan Alvarez-Buylla
Alias Nolithius
Projects Dance of Death
Games Dance of Death, Chronophase, The Adventurer's Guild
Nationality United States
P. Languages ActionScript 3, PHP, JavaScript, C# C++
Official site of Ebyan Alvarez-Buylla

Roguelike developer located in Miami, Florida, US, r.g.r.d. contributor, and Roguebasin admin.

Currently working on the non-roguelike web-based CCG Legends of Aesthir.

Major roguelike projects include the Flash ActionScript 3-based Dance of Death, whose v0.6.136 was released in the 2010 Annual Roguelike Release Party.

Participated in the October 2010 4DRL challenge, with Chronophase.

Participated in the 7DRL Challenge 2012, with The Adventurer's Guild.


Trophy_ARRP_2010_200.png 2010 ARRP Contributor