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This spell stops corpses from decomposing.

Game Text

The dungeon is filled with worms, insects, and bacteria. All of these are eager to consume any fresh carrion that falls to the floor. First time dungeon explorers are often shocked at how quickly a dead foe is stripped to the bones, and then the bones themselves are carried off.

Before he became an Arch-Lich, Tlosh was often aggravated by how quickly his research subjects decomposed. His research resulted in a localised stasis field that can arrest the decay process. Preserve has become a staple among necromancers for whom the fallen is a fuel.


  • Tome of Force

Special Uses

  • Keep corpses fresh for eventual reanimation with Raise Undead.
  • Keep corpses fresh for clerics occasional use.
  • When cast on yourself, gives you the Unchanging intrinsic, which is useful with Cockatrices.
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