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Summon Demon temporarily summons a friendly demon that is able to cast spells, such as Fireball and Summon Imp. One can (when the demon is visible) command the demon to either guard the character or kill a visible creature. When the demon eventually returns to the astral plane, it leaves behind a spot of smoke.

Game Text

Nine out of ten necromancers agree that demons make much more suitable companions than their smaller imps. The tenth necromancer, however, was Tlosh. They are still finding pieces of the other nine necromancers in the astral plane.

Summoned for much longer than imps, daemons have correspondingly greater strength. As a bonus, even if you like imps, you can let the daemon deal with summoning such underlings for you.


  • Tome of Necromancy

Special Uses

  • Can possibly place a barrier between you and an oncoming foe.
  • Can be used to kill a foe from a distance.
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