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Angband Variant
Developer PowerWyrm
Based on MAngband 1.1.2, TomeNET 3.1.4, Angband 3.4
Theme Tolkien
Released June 30, 2007 (0.9.9)
Updated September 17, 2012 (1.1.9)

Official site

PWMAngband is basically a complex multiplayer dungeon simulation. A player creates a character, choosing from a variety of races and classes, and then plays that character over a period of days, weeks, even months on a dedicated server.

The player will begin his adventure on the town level where he may acquire supplies, weapons, armor, and magical devices by buying from various shop owners. Then the player can descend into the Pits of Angband, where he will explore the many levels of the dungeon, gaining experience by killing fierce creatures, collecting powerful objects and valuable treasure, and returning to town occasionally to buy and sell supplies. Eventually, as the player grows more experienced, he may attempt to win the game by defeating Morgoth, the Lord of Darkness, who resides far below the surface.

PWMAngband is available for Windows systems, although it can be played under Linux by simply using WinE. It is written in C, and the source code is freely available.

See the Official PWMAngband Forum Page at for up to date information about the latest version of PWMAngband, including a complete list of recent modifications. Feel free to post compliments, complaints, suggestions, bug reports...

A Note from the Maintainer

I have been playing MAngband and TomeNET since 1999, enjoying both of these multiplayer variants of Angband. Unfortunately, I was frustrated with the minimal amount of races and classes of MAngband (which is actually a basic multiplayer variant of Angband), and the overgrowing complexity of TomeNET (which is already based on an Angband variant, ToME).

In 2007, the MAngband community made the MAngband source code easily available through a svn repository, with a development website allowing to track any change in the source code. This was the basic framework I was waiting for to start my own variant. So in April 2007, I started to implement basic features from TomeNET 3.x into the MAngband code: races, classes, monsters, objects... (check the whole story here:

And finally PWMAngband was born! Since that time, I have continued to implement new features (and fix bugs...), while adding the new improvements from both vanilla Angband and MAngband.

Features specific to PWMAngband

  • The "Dragon" race: you evolve from a weak baby dragon to a powerful ancient wyrm as you advance in levels; you cannot use weapons, but instead you get special physical attacks (claw/bite) and a breath attack
  • The "Elementalist" class: a mage specialized in the four elements (Air, Fire, Earth, Water) and all their combinations, to produce devastating offensive spells
  • The "Summoner" class: priests of nature with very low stats, but capable of calling for help in battle to overcome their weaknesses
  • The "Necromancer" class: dark spellcasters, masters of death and undeath, with a set of unique special abilities
  • The "House of Arcanes": a shop with all kind of basic spellbooks
  • The "Expensive Black Market": a Black Market with very high quality items at an outrageous price; you may post orders for specific items and the store will keep them in its inventory until you can afford them
  • New post-win monsters/uniques: those levels below 5000ft are finally populated with challenging critters!
  • A minimalistic wilderness area around the town: not as developped as in TomeNET, but enhanced compared to MAngband
  • A pseudo-3D tileset designed for the SDL client
  • Compatibility with Zeno's Necklace of the Eye frontend
  • And many more small improvements and bugfixes...

New features in PWMAngband 1.1.9

  • Features ported from Angband 3.4 (new 64x64 tileset, new item detection, no more light curses, weaker torches... and many tweaks and bugfixes -- see Angband page for full list)
  • New "Summoner" class
  • Gain experience from controlled monsters
  • Pits reworked: permanent inner walls, "icky" (no-teleport) inner floors
  • Rings of Polymorphing: play as a monster!
  • New order/reservation system available for the Expensive Black Market: now get high quality items at outrageous prices
  • Refactored squelch system: different squelch levels for jewelry, Dragon Scale Mails, wearable items, books and consumable items
  • New powerful ego types for torches: now their 5000 turns of fuel will become really precious!
  • Better pseudo-3D tiles
  • Buzzkill's Universal 32x32 tileset adapted for PWMAngband
  • New command (CTRL-W) to display wilderness metamap -- 'M' now also displays a "small-scale" map of the level while in the wilderness
  • Minimap display reworked to show more pertinent info
  • Nice visual effect for "missile" spells, and when firing bolts and arrows
  • NUMLOCK key disabled by default when starting the client
  • New tombstone screen displayed when the character dies permanently (similar to Angband)
  • New final screen displayed when a winner retires (similar to Angband)
  • "Hall of Fame" with 25 entries displaying the original (pre-ghost) cause of death
  • Allow dropping money using 'k' (thousands) and 'm' (millions)
  • Sound effects in MP3 format
  • Compatibility with Necklace of the Eye v5.9
  • Countless amounts of small changes -- see readme.txt or announcement on for the full list
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