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Alpha Project
Developer Deej
Theme Surreal
Influences Quantum Mechanics
Released Not Yet!
Updated Sep 9, 2008 (0.03d)
P. Language Java
Platforms Any with a JRE
Interface ASCII
Game Length
Official site of Quarker

Have you ever wondered what life as a sub-atomic particle is like? If so, you should get outside more often.

In Quarker, the player plays the part of a special sub-atomic particle that can absorb other particles.

Currently the various types of quarks appear as enemies and levels are randomly generated when you travel to a new space-time continuum.

Future features will include: Advanced quark behavior: watch out for Hadrons! Restriction of FOV Gluon firing: both by the player and by quarks. Improved combat system

Possible future features include: Other types of particles Inclusion of educational information

Any requests for features or other comments are more than welcome at the dev blog!