Red Wizard

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Red Wizard
Beta Project
Developer Charles Baker
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, Ultima, Pool of Radiance
Released February 2014 (2014.02.21.1429)
Updated April 2015 (2015.03.28.1018)
Licensing Closed source
P. Language C++ and Lua
Platforms Android, iOS
Interface Graphical, touch based
Game Length short
Official site of Red Wizard

Red Wizard is a traditional roguelike game in the vein of Moria, Angband, Nethack, and Rogue designed for fun and fast play on phones and tablets. Available now on Google Play and iTunes.


  • Randomly generated dungeons.
  • Permadeath.
  • Turn and tile based gameplay.
  • Minimap.
  • Touch interface for phones and tablets.
  • 16-bit sprites by Oryx Oryx Design Lab.


  • More particles.
  • Spells and wands.
  • Add unique treasures to collect.
  • Hero/prebuilt rooms and some story.
  • Secret doors.
  • Achievements.
  • Quests.
  • Mixing potions causes side effects.
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