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[http://txe.swa.com/roguelike/ Roguelike Review] - A website that reviews roguelikes.
[http://txe.swa.com/roguelike/ Roguelike Review] - A website that reviews roguelikes.

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Actively Developing Roguelikes - Roguelikes sorted by last release date. Includes Alpha Projects and Beta Projects.

BALROG - Genealogy and chronology of roguelikes.

Hajo's library - A collection of articles concerning game development.

Home of the Underdogs - Great listing of older roguelikes.

Open Directory Project's Rogue-like Category - Indexed collection of roguelikes and related resources.

Roguelike Graveyard - The place for abandoned roguelikes.

Roguelike Restoration Project - The Project's goal is to find old roguelikes (e.g., rogue, xrogue, ultrarogue) and patch them to run on today's computing platforms.

roguelikedevelopment.org - Extensive collection of articles on roguelike game development.

Roguelike Review - A website that reviews roguelikes.