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Roguelike. The magazine or RTM in short is an online magazine published by Mario Donick.

Its aim was to discuss interesting topics from the roguelike scene.

The magazine is located at

It was announced on October 1, 2007 that Mario would discontinue the magazine, and remove it from public view.

Issue #2 (2007-04-02, although published later, on 2007-04-11)

The topics of the second issue are:

  • Coding|rtm-coding:
    • Visual Engine Sharing
  • Review:
    • Hive Awakening
  • Interview:
    • Paul Pekkarinen aka Krice
  • Roguelike Languages:
    • JavaScript
  • Directional Player Character Facing

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Issue #1 (2007-03-19)

The topics of the first issue are:

  • Series: The Aesthetics of Roguelikes
    • Inferface Concepts
    • Typography
  • Reviews of three 7DRLs:
    • War of Wizards
    • The Seven Day Quest
    • Save Scummer
  • Roguelike Languages:
    • Gambas

Read RTM #1 ...