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|- bgcolor="#efefef"
| Fist of the North Star || [[Hokuto no Rogue]]
| Fist of the North Star || [[Hokuto no Rogue]]
|- bgcolor="#efefef"
| Frogger || [[Copy Frogue]][http://cpets.ch/cf/]
|- bgcolor="#efefef"
|- bgcolor="#efefef"
| GTA || [[Grand Rogue Auto]][http://grandrogueauto.blogspot.co.uk/]
| GTA || [[Grand Rogue Auto]][http://grandrogueauto.blogspot.co.uk/]

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This is a list of roguelikes based on existing non-roguelike IPs, e.g. books, movies, other video games, etc., either loosely or faithfully. (Note that not all of these are complete games--many are prototypes or in various states of playability, but some reached a fun state, or are even still in development.)

IP Roguelikes
Aliens (film series) AliensRL
Blood Bowl SewerJacks
Bomberman Bomberogue
Boulder Dash ASCII Dash, RogueDash[1]
Call of Duty Rogue of Duty[2]
Castlevania CastlevaniaRL
Chess ChessRogue, Combat Chess, Rook
Dark Souls Rogue's Souls, SoulsRL[3]
Darkest Dungeon Dankest Dungeon[4]
Diablo DiabloRL, Diabloband
Doctor Who (episode 'Blink') Weeping Angels
Doom DoomRL
DotA 2 Rushan Grows Stronger[5]
Dungeon Keeper KeeperRL
Elder Scrolls series Heart of Nirn
Elite EliteRL[6]
Final Fantasy series Final Fantasy Worlds[7]
Fist of the North Star Hokuto no Rogue
Frogger Copy Frogue[8]
GTA Grand Rogue Auto[9]
Harvest Moon HarvestRL
Legend of Zelda ZeldaRL, IRYRWAROSHR [10]
Magic: The Gathering MGRL[11]
Magicka Magicko
Mass Effect Rogue Effect, Attack The Geth
Mega Man MegamanRL
Metroid MetroidRL
Ms Pac Man Netpack
My Little Pony PonyRL
Pachinko Rogue Pachinko[12]
Princess Maker PrincessRL
Quake QuakeRL[13]
Rogue (meta) Red Rogue
Shin Megami Tensei Demon
Space Empires Beware of Strange Warp Points
StarCraft Rogue Mercenaries
Star Trek TradewarsRL[14], KlingonRL[15]
Star Wars @Star Wars, Star Wars Miniature[16]
Super Mario Bros MarioRL
Terraria MineclimbeR(L)[17]
Tetris TetrisRL[18], Tetrogue[19], Dungetris[20]
Thief series ThiefRL[21], ThiefRL 2[22]
Tolkien Angband (see also List of Angband variants), Moria (and variants), TomeNET, Sil
Touhou series Eientei[23]
Tower of Druaga Tower of Druaga RL
Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash Mt. Drash: the Roguelike
Warhammer 40K Waaaghammer, Warp Rogue
WWE (wrestling) WWRL[24]
X-COM: UFO Defense X@COM