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Stable game
Developer lotuskip
Theme Other
Influences Adom, Alphaman
Released 2 Oct 2017 (418597)
Updated 7 Aug 2018 (426007)
Licensing Closed source freeware
P. Language C
Platforms Linux (+FreeBSD+?)
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length long(?)
Official site of Roguemare

Roguemare is a not very newbie-friendly single-player roguelike game.

From the READMEs: There is no background story or setting handed out prior to playing Roguemare. The story develops over the course of the game, and the player's imagination should fill in the gaps. The big picture is what you make of it.

That being quoted, the game has fantasy, [post-]apocalyptic, steampunkish, and absurd/dreamlike elements.

There is little documentation provided. Figuring the game out without preknowledge is part of the experience.

[A note from the author (would appreciate it if no one removed this for the moment): Roguemare was supposed to be my farewell to programming large (or even medium) scale programs. I don't want to sacrifice time to "developing it further". I'll try to fix bugs if reported, tweak balance issues, and even implement unarguably *missing* features, but will do only minimal upkeep otherwise. Anyone should feel free to write about this game on Roguebasin & announce releases etc. without worrying about "stepping on my toes" or anything.]


  • x86-64 Linux or FreeBSD. Might work on other POSIXy platforms.
  • A terminal emulator with 256 colours is highly recommended but not necessary.



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