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|platforms = [[Windows]]
|platforms = [[Windows]]
|length = Short
|length = Short
|site = http://atygeek.com/scp-containment-breach-horrors/
|influences = The SCP Foundation universe
|influences = The SCP Foundation universe
|interface = [[Graphical]], [[Keyboard]], [[Mouse]]
|interface = [[Graphical]], [[Keyboard]], [[Mouse]]
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=== Resources ===
=== Resources ===
* [https://atygeek.itch.io/scp-containment-breach-horrors Demo download page]
* [https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/947437480/scp-containment-breach-horrors-roguelike-survival Kickstarter project]
* [http://atygeek.com/scp-containment-breach-horrors/ SCP Containment Breach Horrors website]

[[Category:Horror roguelikes]]
[[Category:Horror roguelikes]]

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SCP Containment Breach Horrors
Beta Project
Developer Atygeek
Theme Horror
Influences The SCP Foundation universe
Released 2018
Licensing Copyright
P. Language 001 Game Creator
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Short
Official site of SCP Containment Breach Horrors

Choose to be a guard, scientist or prisoner, and escape from the SCP Foundation site: a complex where innumerable paranormal horrors are tested by perpetrators serving as guinea pigs and hidden from the ordinary mortals.

Suddenly a breach of containment occurs and all the paranormal entities are deconfined ... YOU MUST LEAVE

A horrific game where each game time is randomly generated! Survival horror, roguelike, a little pinch of gamebook and Horrors going beyond your imagination ....

..... Escape or die trying ....


  • A mixing game of the SCP universe and a lovecraftian atmosphere
  • Fully procedurally generated content
  • A nightmarish and stifling sound atmosphere
  • Create your own weapon in Orbs Halls
  • A mix between a roguelike and a graphical "book which you are the hero"
  • Choose to flee or fight
  • Every death is definitive


Demo, the project is on Kickstarter.