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{{library| name = SunshineConsole
#redirect [[Sunshine_Console]]
|developer = [[Derrick Creamer]]
|released = June 21 2015
|updated = June 21 2015 (1.0)
|dependencies = [http://www.opentk.com/ OpenTK]
|status =
|licensing = Open Source, [[MIT]]
|language = [[C Sharp]]
|platforms = All?
|site = https://github.com/derrickcreamer/SunshineConsole
Sunshine Console is C# library for simple ASCII output/input. It's intended to be very friendly to beginners that just want to put something on the screen (while still being powerful enough for larger ASCII projects). See [https://github.com/derrickcreamer/SunshineConsole the official site] for usage examples.
SunshineConsole is built ontop of [http://www.opentk.com/ OpenTK], which can therefore be used for mouse input and accessing OpenGL and OpenAL, and various other features functions. OpenTK has been ported to Windows, Mac OSX, GNU/Linux, *BSDs, Android, iOS, etc.

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