Tales of Maj'Eyal

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T.o.M.E. stands for either The Tales of Middle Earth or The Troubles of Middle Earth.

It was previously known as PernAngband but changed its name. ToME has its roots in Angband(it was a Zangband 2.2.0 variant at its inception) but has since then been changed so much that the upcomming 3.0.0 version might not be much of a variant anymore code-wise(and feature-wise too but that's harder to define).

The latest versions have been splitted(and will continue to be splitted even more in 3.0.0) into a game engine called T-Engine and a game module which is the thing players actaully call ToME.

The goal is to allow anyone to create her/his own game without the hasle of coding all the annoying bits, and in the case where nothing too fancy is needed to do so without coding any scripts.

Some notorious ToME features(but far from the only ones):

  • Skill points based character progression
  • Freeform quests(only very few obligatory quests)
  • Special levels
  • Multiple dungeons and towns with a large wilderness
  • Schools of magic-based spell system
  • Lots of very different races, subraces, classes and class specialization
  • Tolkien themed(not completly strict)
  • Lua scripted
  • Support for modules

It has a home page, a wiki and a forum.

See also the ToME entry on wikipedia.